Fee Schedule

The following table represents our services and their accompanying fees. For further information on any of these services, please consult one of our bank professionals at 763-479-1931.

Bill Pay
Overdraft Protection / Transfer Advance Fee
$3.95 per month
$0.50 per item after 10 items
*Discounted Rates may apply
  $3.00 per transfer
Cashiers Checks   Instant Cash Card
Customer: $4.00
Non-Customer: $6.00
  Reissue: $3.00
Check Printing   Levy and Garnishment
Prices vary with quantity, style and design direction   $40.00
Closed Account   Night Depository
$12.00 (Checking and Savings account closure within 6 months.)   No Charge
Coin Counting   Notary Fees
Customer: No charge
Non-Customer: $3.00 or 3% of value (whichever is greater)
  Customer: No Charge
Non-Customer: $2.00
Coin Orders   Overdrafts
Customer: No Charge
Non-Customer: $0.25 per roll
  $20.00 per item
(maximum of $80.00 per day)
Collections   Overdrafts Continuing
Domestic: $15.00
Foreign: $30.00
  $1.00 per day
Counter Checks   Personal Money Order
First check is free, $0.25 for each additional check   Customer: $3.00
Non-Customer: $4.00
Document Copies   Records Research / Statement Reconciliation
Paper: $0.25
Microfiche: $3.00
Microfile: $5.00
  $25.00 per hour ($25.00 minimum)
Fax   Returned Checks (NSF)
Incoming: $2.00 plus $0.50 / page over 5 pages
Outgoing: $3.00 plus $0.50 / page over 5 pages plus any long distance charges
  $20.00 per item (maximum of $80.00 per day)
Telephone Transfer   Returned Deposited Checks
$2.00   $4.00 per check
Dormant Account Fee   Stop Payments
$1.00 per month   Per Check: $20.00
Range of Checks: $20.00
ACH Item: $5.00 additional per month
Wire Transfers    
Domestic: $20.00
Foreign: $20.00*
Incoming: $5.00

* Additional correspondent bank charge may apply

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