Fee Schedule

The following table represents our services and their accompanying fees. For further information on any of these services, please consult one of our bank professionals at 763-479-1931.

Bill Pay
Overdraft Protection / Transfer Advance Fee
$3.95 per month
$0.50 per item after 10 items
*Discounted Rates may apply
  $3.00 per transfer
Cashiers Checks   Debit Card
Customer: $4.00
Non-Customer: $6.00
  Reissue: $5.00
Check Printing   Levy and Garnishment
Prices vary with quantity, style and design direction   $40.00
Closed Account   Night Depository
$12.00 (Checking and Savings account closure within 6 months.)   No Charge
Coin Counting   Notary Fees
Customer: No charge
Non-Customer: $3.00 or 3% of value (whichever is greater)
  Customer: No Charge
Non-Customer: $2.00
Coin Orders   Overdrafts
Customer: No Charge
Non-Customer: $0.25 per roll
  $20.00 per item
(maximum of $80.00 per day)
Collections   Overdrafts Continuing
Domestic: $15.00
Foreign: $30.00
  $1.00 per day **
Counter Checks   Personal Money Order
First check is free, $0.25 for each additional check   Customer: $3.00
Non-Customer: $4.00
Document Copies   Records Research / Statement Reconciliation
Paper: $0.25
Microfiche: $3.00
Microfile: $5.00
  $25.00 per hour ($25.00 minimum)
Fax   Returned Checks (NSF)
Incoming: $2.00 plus $0.50 / page over 5 pages
Outgoing: $3.00 plus $0.50 / page over 5 pages plus any long distance charges
  $20.00 per item (maximum of $80.00 per day)
Telephone Transfer   Returned Deposited Checks
$2.00   $4.00 per check
Dormant Account Fee   Stop Payments
$1.00 per month   Per Check: $20.00
Range of Checks: $20.00
ACH Item: $5.00 additional per month
Wire Transfers   Mobile Deposit Fee
Domestic: $20.00
Foreign: $20.00*
Incoming: $5.00

$1.00 per item deposited

* Additional correspondent bank charge may apply

** Continuing Overdraft Fee will be assessed on the 5th business day after your account balance goes negative and will continue to be charged until the balance is brought positive. Fee applies to any negative balance created by check, in person and ATM withdrawals, other electronic means, and any bank assessed fees.

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